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Ha ha hah hahahhh ha hah

I think I am starting this blog because my cat Cornballflake died. I mean sure there are other smaller reasons, like I want to talk to you, and I am bored, and I dont have enough food to just sit around and eat all the time. Well, Corn. I would say sometimes. What are you doing buddy? I would look at him walking so close to the floor and I would crouch and think of catchers and touch corn's fur and try to follow her as she walked around. I got used to talking while I was alone living with Corn. So now I am ready to tell you.

I am also putting poems in here. Because I have alot of them, and I have been hiding them, even though they are addressed to you. I miss you and that is why I am starting this blog. I hate blogs almost as much as I hate poems. I am really good at backing out of things though so we will see how long I last. I guess really I am starting this to show you my poems, and I try to hide that with something more emotional.

Sometimes when I walk up onto the porch and reach in my pockets for my keys I still see Corn walking up in the shadow where she used to knead on the rug of a person that lives in the building that I live in.

About Me: on my desk there is a belt next to a stack of discs on top of a pay stub and a one dollar and a two dollar lotto ticket that touches a corkscrew and some instructions for a chin up bar that i haven't put up yet my cell phone is charing on this desk and i have a couple little tiny figures with wings that i found about nine months ago

A friend of mine that lives in my hometown in Virginia recently had a brother that I had met a few times get in a car crash alone. My friend has sat with his brother as he works through his coma. Today I cried a little while I drove alone and held my cell phone in my lap.

Now my head is leaning against my fist and my elbow is on my desk.

But it's not so bad. I ate two goldfish crackers when I was laying in bed last night. I've still got my stuffed animal and I had a good poop today.

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.