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a poem by Jordan Branson

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four eyes of two people on a blind date

Gabcast! on earth through nothing with ease #3 - subprime


The statue of the body without arms between two metal trees covered in blue lights.
My virus protection is always outdated,
I rub my forehead looking at the ground.
I find you, then I don’t find you. I forget about calling you.
Multiple helicopters are hovering just above the water.
Humans are talking to each other and moving around on screens in different rooms.
A giraffe touches the grass of the savannah.
The blue parts of the body in the room where some plastic touches the carpet.
Take it easy. Tell me what’s wrong.
I get a text massage from you and I try to reply but it doesn’t send and I panic a little
and try to forget. And I do forget.
You hand touches the fur of the cat while the cat bites the green mouse.
From here the clouds are covering the stars tonight.
But there is a full moon under there, I saw it earlier,
and I am glad not to be a werewolf because
I want to get back to the house
where people have to knock
while I am motionless and quiet.
The mac truck drives with three wheels on the lines between lanes.
The herd scatters and runs to where the predators aren’t.
Four eyes of two people on a blind date.
You push the door
out of the way
and it rotates.
The head just kind of opened up and there was some kind of dark liquid on the concrete
in the dark.
Tom Cruise can’t sleep tonight he paces in the kitchen near some posters of himself.
Someone sells their laptop and buys an iphone.
There is a window washer standing on the scaffolding, leaning on the mall.
I don’t know why it feels so much easier when you’re here,
it is like a lot of things that don’t matter too much and wake me up like a loud sound.
I convince myself to feel haunted just so I won’t be alone.
There are lots of people in machines far away
from houses, moving quickly between
rows of lights on poles. I felt bored
and looked at the cotton socks in the shape of my feet.
The panther wakes up next to a smaller panther in the tall grass,
it looks to where the sound is coming from,
stretches out, and goes back to sleep.
I have taken out a subprime loan, and I want to give you all the money.
A gold chain touches a grey shirt
and the neck of someone sitting in a station wagon, braking at the stop sign.
Over time the cameras rotate the ring in the center of the arena.
The darker spots on the ceiling where there was a leak at one time.
Most of the leaves move in the wind while something breathes
in the shadow moving on the ground. It’s all right.
The paper bag on the counter doesn’t mean much
and the sticky on the floor is easy to get rid of. We can do that later,
when less people are walking here.
Neon leaflets are dropped from a plane while it’s snowing.
Someone opens a cabinet and puts a jar on a shelf.
The is stuffed dog on its back, touching the wall and the floor at the same time.
I stretch my legs out and try to think of something to say to you,
but I can’t decide. So I just wait for you to say something that I can respond to.
One boot is standing and one boot is lying by the door.
An animal ducks behind the dumpster.
After becoming airborne pull back on the control bar, softly.
Increase the air speed. Then push the control bar, the ground will drop away suddenly.
A volcano makes an island in the sea.
The zombie is only brought back to life when Little Richard is playing in the earbuds.
I remember the first time we met,
that was before earbuds.


Someone found this site by searching on Google for the video of the giraffe throwing up. That person is welcome back anytime.

the tallest person at the party feels nervous when it's limbo time

a bird with teeth thinks about last weekend while taking off near caution cones

return, after the cat's threw up in the car

And here is a computer and I am returning, no moving though, not right now. Far away people are still sitting in the same chair so why can't I?

It makes me feel funny when someone says a book they read by someone else feels to short and they had to read it again because it was sso short. I like when people read things again. I like reading things again. What I really really like is when someone has not even picked a book up or touched it and from across the room they know that book is way too goddamm long to ever read it in one sitting. Bible length, with releasable structure, so that you can open to the middle and start there, or at the end. In books like this you can't spoil anything by reading the last page. Pluus the book is a little bitch, it is really pathetic right now. And most things are pretty pathetic right now, but there is no reason for the books to fit in. A little tiny book. I could squash this book. I could tear this book in half if I disliked it enough. The first three days to a week that I owned The Battlefield Where The Moon Says I Love You I tried to read it from the first page, I got a bit in, but for the four years since I have had it around I have read small bursts and I think I have finally read the entire book that way and it took four years. Frank Stanford said that "more than ten pages of this poem will obliterate your eyes". I like that aggression. I have aggression, and I think it is an important part of what is going on right now. I want to harness that energy of aggression and use it to make people feel more comfortable, after feeling more uncomfortable for a while. Sometimes I get aggressive when I get scared, and that is interesting to me too. I aggressively pressed my hand against my armpit when the deoderant doesn't make the sweat stop dripping, and that is not a scared aggressive. Someone destroys thier standing in a social circle and this is an aggression related to fear. The big book/long story is aggressive because it sits there and it you can look at it with your eyes and it dares you to read it. It says "read me, you pathetic bitch, I know you don't have shit to do." And I try and I fail and it feels nice, because it is just like alot of times when I fail but it doesn't really remind me of any of them.

Short books need to be turned into AIM instant messanger bots that talk to people when they are alone in the room with the computer. They should be sent in a bulk text message with an image of the party.
They will all be signed,
Wish you were with me here ;-)

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.