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animal the water between land and burning oil

I find a haunted house at the edge of town, I call you on a cell phone. It rings a few times. I hang up before you answer. You call back a little bit later. I ask you to come out to the haunted house. You have alot of work to do, I know. But please. It is here, I am next to it. Put the address in your GPS and find me. A couple hours pass, I sit and look at the road. Your headlights move light down the road. Your engine feels warm on this cold night. When we open the door and walk in nothing happens. It is dark in here and nothing happens for a little while and we are still scared. Or at least I'm scared and I think about you standing a few feet away being scared also. There is a noise like wood being pulled along the ground. We look in the direction of the sound, a chiar lifts into the air across the room from us. We look at each other and point at the chair. There is a low voice coming from another room. The chair flys towards us, we duck and it smashes into the wall behind us. We look at each other as we lay on the ground in the dark house. The second floor becomes covered in flames, the fire slowly moves down the staircase toward us, the voice in the other room gets louder. Cameras lower from the cieling and images of you and me laying on the ground making terrified faces is projected on the wall. Something is floating through the air above us. It lowers and hovers in front of us. It is a human head, it floats in front of us and looks you in the eyes then it looks me in the eyes. It floats between us. It nuzzles against your jacket bleeding on your jacket. It's brain falls out of it's neck. The head lowers and rests on the brain looking at us. It asks for our cell phone numbers and it asks what's up and where is the party. The entire house is on fire. We run and the head chases us to the door. It hits the wall and flies back into the fire. We run down the path to the sidewalk. We look back at the house and there is no fire now. It is a quiet dark house. I ask for a ride and we get into your car.

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.