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My coworker Jon came in at 4 am a few months ago, he looked really sad that night and he bought 4 coffee cakes,

“By the end of the month we should be through it
I don’t know, you know, there is that one guy she likes and drinks with. I told
her, I said, it’s either him or me, and of course went with the abusive

I don’t know, like the other day our daughter was in the liquor store
and she asked my ex-wife for a Red Sox cozy, you know those things that keep your drink cold. My ex asked my daughter why she wanted it and my daughter
said it reminder her of me. To that my wife said absolutely not.
I don’t know.”
we must go through this,
we must go through this,
we must go through this and I know that it hurts.

and I am sorry,
but this is it.
a bit of disappointment,
I know.
but it’s not so bad.
and it is soo bad.

our human stories are great.
give me an order that is what it is and nothing else
or else I will cry in the sadness of us
and the cruel gestures we exchange.

there is no need to struggle
in the destination.
I smear my pain on my skin and wear it under my clothes.
how do i hide what you hide?
the sun is coming up behind the mountains.

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.