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I haven't been here for you as much lately

But there are alot of things in the works. I am thinking about you. I am going to get back at the regularity with this thing. I think I stopped posting everyday when crowbar the black cat moved in. Yesterday I brought another cat, Chief running tears, over to the house. At first chief hid under things and hissed at crowbar and there was loud meowing and someone there said holy shit and I told them not to because I was scared the cats weren't getting along so I took it out on him. Because in all honesty I wanted to say holy shit or not exactly that but something like it. they are doing better now. They are playing with each other and this gives me more time to sit here with you. When it is just me and crowbar he claws at my feet like they are cats and wants to play. Now I can hear him playing in the other room while I write to you.

I put some garbage in a garbage bag and put it by the door. I showered and did not wash my hair. I ate cereal near the heater. I walked back and forth trying to commit to something to do. I looked at the television and turned it off. I turned on a tape in the bathroom while I showered. I will come back for you. I have been busy but I have not forgotten you, and I am returning, slowly.

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.