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the jaguar uprising continues

last night I began my e-maIl campaign against tao lin. I wrote to gawker a couple times and ron silliman and some other small places. Today, ron silliman posted a link to the tao lin uprising page. I am convinced this is a newsworthy feud that will carry on. I hope more people join the war. Kenda linked to silliman, go to her page to see. My internet has mysteriously gone down. I fear tao lin is behind it. I had to drive around to find service to post from today. The uprising will continue. I am gathering troops. I hope to get some bore parade submissions soon. I know that 'I am a little bit happier than tao lin' and 'zzzzzz zzz zzzz' are coming out in the next week or so. stay tuned. much more revolutionary antics to come. And I will post a prettier post when I can sit somewhere other than my car. My car is in a parking spot and people an d cars are passing me. I feel like I should get arrested doing this. But there is no police car here right now. It is raining a little, and I miss all of you deeply. Write to me. Send bore parade some revolutionary lit.

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.