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Steal each other from each other please

my nose is bleeding in my sleep
I spit in my sleep and it lands on your cheek
you wake up and get a paper towel to clean things
you wash the spit off your face with my blood on the paper towel

some water touches all sides of the boat
fifty feet off the shore of a lake
where some bugs fly above the reeds coming out of the water

there are stacks of things on every surface in this house
the cats knock things over here
I call you to tell you about it
but you don’t pick up
so I leave a message about something else

two llamas and a woman wearing a hat
walk through the town at the base of the mountain
someone flies a model airplane near the church

I think about you wearing clothes in a crowd
I hop from one tile to the next in the kitchen
while the water boils
I touch my ear to the window you smack the window and laugh standing outside
I climb to the top of the house and ride the pterodactyl down to you

forget it
crowd surf
eat a half dried noodle with a fork

Gabcast! on earth through nothing with ease #8 - steal each other from each other please

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.