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untitled supermarket nightmare #3

From Sunday 20th of May until Monday 21st of August Chris Killen wrote the first untitled 'supermarket nightmare', which you can read here. When Chris finished writing the 100 pages he had said he would write he offered to pass the book on to the person who offered to write the most chapters. He passed it on to Duncan Cheshire, you can read supermarket nightmare #2 here. Duncan is writing 127 chapters, and he is almost done. It is a story with an I that works in a supermarket, there is love and dynamic systems where love moves through time. There is a girl named Carol and she has a knee. Duncan is currently holding the chapter offer for supermarket nightmare #3. I am in the running. I can not tell you how long I offered to make #3. This contest is not over yet. But I made an honorable offer that keeps in mind the accumulated time put into 1 and 2. Really I got an email telling me I am in the lead by a bit, so I am excited. I would love to carry on something started by people I do not know. The only rule is that you have to post one chapter everyday. I can take the story wherever it goes. I am thinking about the bannana delivery person. They will ride around a bit, they will see old characters in spread out grocery stores. The I will now work in a convienience store, because I have more experience with that. I may add a 'you' to this story. I am excited. You can see the page for supermarket nightmare #3 here, with no chapters written yet. Originally I was going to use this site to make a long slideshow about a catsociety that uses catmoney and everycat wants more catmoney. All the cats have money, but they just want a little more in the steady cash flow catstory. The steady cash flow w/ catmoney picture is staying on the site, it will just go to the bottom eventually. Maybe the catpeople will appear in the supermarket nightmare. I know one new character in the story is Percy Pringle, the person who plays Paul Barer (small man in the suit in the reality of death promo). In real life he runs a funeral home, and in this story he will have just retired wrestling, and is trying to adjust to the funeral home that is near the store the I works at. Exciting developments.

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.