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I am love. I am the national book award.

When I get the sensation of loneliness I think I start kind of dreaming. Not like surrealist bulshitstyle, but just thinking about various things. I think about people and things that have been said and the social dynamics of the situation and the way I walked through a couple rooms and the way people sat and who sat close to who and who looked and who like that and all the things I should be doing and the cats knocking stuff over and things from a long time ago and people that are gonegonefaraway. I don't think about these things one at a time. I think about one thing until it makes me think of another, then both thoughts exist in my head and I may go into the new thought and return to the old or continue on the new thought. It is an ishouldalike dream that doesn't progress, so much as it repeats with small variations.

Sometimes I feel like it is not lonely at all. I feel like it is partially lonely and partially hungry and thirsty. I keep touching a bump on my elbow that is there from bumping my elbow into the frame of a door. it is a little swollen. I keep touching my left elbow with my right hand, then I continue typing.

And the bottom line is made of proffesional wrestlers. Here is two lines from, 'sometimes i am a little bit happier than tao lin'(COMING IN THE NEXT COUPLE DAYS): I am love. I am the national book award.
Good things have come out of this book. I think it is funny.

The oddest time of my current life is walking from my car to my house late at night. No matter how long I have to walk, it is a special time of the day. It is very early and most of the other people awake are getting up instead of coming home. My natural sleeping times are fucked. I need to move to Hawaii or Japan, eventually. If i did this I would fall asleep at 11 or so, maybe 12 in Hawaii. A little later in Japan. There are other places. These are just the two places my cell phone time zones listed when I looked a while back.

sometimes i am a little bit happier than tao lin is coming out in unison with an interview with tao lin COMING SOON and another book called 'the gospel of tom cruise' COMING SOON I still need more submissions. I am taking it beyond the Tao Lin barrier at this point. I want writing that is made of ease and simple words. If you live in the variety and write about it. Send me. Come back in the next couple days to witness the devestating powerhouse moves of sometimes i am a little bit happier than tao lin. Get out your copy of you are a little bit happier than i am and read along. It is all the poems except the last one at this point. I may leave the last one out. I haven't decided yet. It is the one about the leftover crack concert. It makes me think about a blog like drunk, but instead of drinking and writing everyone is smoking crack and writing.

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.