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Wolpertinger and Tom Cruise

I was in twenty states in the last eleven days. I think I saw one of these in south dakota. No, maybe it was Kanssasss.

My heart is half-elk-half-jaguar.

You remind me of a cookie that is baked onto another cookie. Two cookies combined in a bag of individual cookies.

The Hummer spins sideways in the lane, flips four times from on the road to off of the road.

I have been in contact with Tom Cruise and he has almost completed his gospel. He told me he had visions in between meetings and dinner dates and baby tending and walking into his gold plated closet to decide what to wear. I looked into it. It all checked out. Tom Cruise, I look forward to reading your gospel in a few days.

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.