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Tao Lin Launch Party / Jaguar Uprising reading / bore parade

This week is a week worth filming. On Thursday, me-thegoldenbear-ttb-daryl (jaguar uprising) went to NYC. Tao Lin made a video while we were there. In this video Zachary German gets flipped over my back while he is choking me. There are also shots inside my van, where too many people try to ride to dinner with Tao Lin.

On Friday the reading went very well. There will be footage of it up shortly. The footage will include a montage of friendship, jaguar uprising members promoing on each other, and a short reading-match. Mike Young came to the reading. I drove him to Northampton after. Thanks for coming out Mike Young.

***COMING SOON*** On Bore Parade... Kendra Grant Malone... journals... sex... private life... coming soon... Bore Parade... journals from the 90s... coming soon... 'Love Your Friends and Not Your Lovers' from Kendra Grant Malone ***COMING SOON***

More updates later, it has been such an incredible and busy week. I am kind of tired, but not overwelmingly tired. I have reasons to get out of bed. I am lucky.

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.