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these are some of Jordan Branson's rules

Jordan's Rules 59-114

59 Marilyn come home
60 Go Rockies
61 You can't hurt steel
62 Park it like it's hot
63 Hit the gasser go fasster, all you hear is dual exhaust flowmaster
64 Don't sit there and get caught by the police
65 Burn rubber all down the block and don't stop
66 Be careful
67 You make me sick
68 Rufus is a girl
69 Clean your room
70 Big Frank
71 No
72 Get Rich Or Die Crying
73 Money Isn't Real
74 Blue Jays '08
75 It's HOT!!!!
76 Heeee-Haaaaaaw
77 Is it July 17th??
78 Jose Reyes is infact a Bobble Head
79 85% of the works everytime
80 and that...makes no sense
81 if it hits the floor its mine
82 John never works the grill again
83 Nobody plays the 184 Jacks are a monster
85 The first cut is the deepest
86 Everybody wants something in return
87 Happy we'll be beyond the sea
88 Someone so close became so far away
89 Crying lowers your sex drive
90 Pocket kings rule
91 Don't be greedy
92 Shout Out! what what!
93 Bread breaks glass
94 Nobody lives here
95 Don't worry about it
96 I was there
97 It's too late to fight
98 Wash your mouth
99 Toast is better than CornFlakes
100 Freedom is loneliness
101 Everyone is weak
102 Tycoonin'
103 Wash your face
104 I dip I stunt, I only wear my white tee's once
105 White tee's I just throw 'em away cuz I wear 'em just only one day
106 My white tee's so fresh smell like febreze, i'm high as a kite smelling like tree's
107 Get hungry before you eat
108 Its understood I do it for the hood
109 She likes it
110 Closest I been to commercial is when I watch TV
111 Pudding is delicious
112 Stones in the watch they match the chain, new jordan's on his feet snowman's his name
113 I get kinda hyphy when i'm gone off a lil' gin, you don't like it say hello to my little friend
114 I am so cool look at my myspace

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.