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I am sorry internet. I feel like I have been putting you off, and finishing other things, because I have. The Jaguar Uprising Press has experienced a much larger flow of orders than expected. Because of this everything has slowed. In the last week since 6/11 all I have done is work with the press and finishing of things. Everyday, I tell my friends I have work to do, because I do.

Tidal is still nearing. I have come to finish the edits and restart a number of times. Honestly, I have been splitting my work time between working on things for the press and finishing the edits. I think it will be done soon. I am sorry for promising it so much earlier, but things took off from under me. I am still working on it, and I want it to be pretty for you, and full of lovely things, and full of explosions. It is like an action movie. I think it is like a superhero movie where everyone is a superhero.

Along with the book orders, the press has received a good amount of submissions. I have been going through these submissions. I have accepted one, and will probably accept more. Look for the next Jaguar Uprising Press release on July 4th. I will tell you more soon.

This is one of the most exciting times of my life so far. There has been so much to do. It is a great thing, I think it gives me great feelings. I am kind of tired alot, but I am so happy. I am sorry, detatched internet, but I am a happy person for now.

Also, if you have read Kendra Grant Malone's book on bore parade and want more, then order her book from Jaguar Uprising Press. The ordered book contains previously unseen pages with more emotion, more tell-all bravado, and more of Kendra's life. So come over, buy a copy, we will send it to you. We will send it to you with all the pages, ones you have seen and ones you haven't seen.

All ordered books should be in the mail this week. So, if you are waiting for a book order, please be patient in these starting stages. It has been busy, there is alot to put in place. We are thinking of you, and we are sending your books this week.

I guess this is another big week. The final two releases of the 6/11 goal will be released this week. Along with more information about the new Jaguar Uprising Press book, buyable on July 4th. This week should also start to show some signs of transition in the industry and ttb characters, along with a new masked promoing persona in the midst of an anonymous feud with la ponderoso dicasirio (a prodigy of the golden bear) (...the golden bear).

If you would like a Jaguar Uprising press book, and have no dough, e-mail elkjaguar [at] . Tell me you need books, tell me any other things. I will reply and make an offer to you. I want to work something out and send you these books. I want to talk to you about what else we should try to provide to you. Who do you want to see a book from? I will look into it, and maybe even hound them.

My cat is attacking the NWO heavyweight championship, I think that means it is time ti finish Tidal. Sorry again, for the delay, stick with me, please, please.

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.