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Blogging about Bloggers

I am posting about Zachary German for the multi-pronged assault that is 'blogging about bloggers'.  I am going to work now, until midnight, but when I return I will put up an article about Blake Butler.  There are also videos waiting to be posted when I return.  At that point, I will link to all others involved in this wonderful event, so you can see the scope of this movement.  It is a movement made of movements.  It is movementism.  Deal with it.


Zachary German stands on the handicapped ramp outside of Melville House. He holds his arms away from his body and makes a ‘come on’ motion towards The Industry. The Industry climbs up the side of the ramp and jumps over the security railing. Zachary German falls to his back on the ramp, as The Industry comes over the top railing and hits a cross body. The Industry pulls Zachary German to his feet. Then, in one motion, he pulls Zachary’s head under his arm and falls back, hitting a DDT. While on the ground, Zachary pulls The Industry in and applies a rear-naked-choke. He cinches it in, and The Industry is having trouble breathing. The Industry struggles to his feet, with Zachary still locked in the hold. The Industry twists his hips and bends his back a little, Zachary is holding on to the Industry’s neck tight. Zachary flips over The Industry and lands on the ramp. The Industry stands over him and hits a pose. Zachary gets up, The Industry holds up Zachary’s arm and the crowd goes crazy.


Zachary German’s writing moves slow and quiet, it is a soft song. He is young, and I think part of his current voice comes from the process of getting to the bottom of one own impulses. When I read his writing I get a feeling that he is certain he should be writing in that tone right now, and that it will change as he develops more. Even though Zachary is young, he is still living large in small internet circles. He has an e-book called, Eat When You Feel Sad, out on Bear Parade; a short magazine he puts out every now and then called, The Name of This Band is the Talking Heads; and he is currently working on a novel. Among people I have showed Zachary’s writing to there is an ongoing debate of boring vs. minimalist. I have heard that Zachary writes in this ‘minimal’ tone to approach general daily life. He has said that he tries to stay as general as possible, and not detail the situations too much; this way he may relate to more people at one time. When I read Zachary’s work I get the feeling that he is in flux. He is trying to hone in on the devices that allow the greatest relationship between reader and writer. I enjoy reading Zachary’s work, and I think he is in a good spot to be at the top of his game by the 2012 Olympics. He is finding his feet, and he is the top young prospect on the internet today.


I don’t know that much about Zachary’s daily life. But I have collected some information from speaking with him and reading his blog. When I talk to him in person he reminds me of Crispin Glover on the Tonight Show. He is a tall person. When I saw him in person he was very drunk. He like Lil’ Wayne and Jim Jones. And, sadly enough, he tends to lean on the depressed side of the emotional spectrum. Sometimes, he talks a lot like Tao Lin, in a monotone and removed voice. When I speak with him I feel he is bored a lot. He has a job in New York City, where he is good friends with Kendra Grant Malone and Tao Lin, among others. Go read things Zachary German has written. He is on his way to becoming a master, and leading an exemplary literary life. There is talk that Zachary will soon be named as McCain’s running mate in the upcoming presidential election.

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.