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here are some of the last photos of cornballflake

this one is corn looking through the window while everything inside reflects on the window

this one is the ship of missing kittens next to a cactus in the desert some of the kittens inside the ship can see those clouds the pink spots are bubblegum in the sand

this is the six foot tall remy martin bottle i took out of the box next to the couch in my dream corn was in this dream really he is under the couch but I didn't draw him there

this one is me and corn and the neon reindeer on halloween I am dressed as a yellow glove and corn is wearing a devil costume and a red high heel and the neon reindeer wrapped itself up like a loaf of bread it's neon still comes through a little and it makes the neon reindeer look striped the neon reindeer tried to take this photo from my hand after I took it

this is the window reflecting everything inside without corn in the window

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.