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Drawings made by Liz Petro inspired by Dinosaur Dream #1

I like both of these very much.  One time, a couple years ago, Liz came up to me late on a weekend night.  She asked me if I wanted to go to her place with her.  I said yes, I went into my room and was very nervous when I was alone.  I collected some things and went out.  I felt cinematic.  She was drunk as hell.  She grabbed my crotch and looked at me while she was driving.  I smiled and told her to look at the road.  She would look at the road for a little bit, then come back to me.  I liked it and felt unsafe.  We got to her house.  I had never been in that building before.  I went in, there was a bike in the hallway.  We walked around the bike.  We went to her room and undressed in the bed.  It felt lovely.  She went to the bathroom.  She came back and told me she was on her period.  I minded, but I didn't mind at all.  I was relieved in a way, at the time.  We held each other.  We talked.  She went to Italy four days later.

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.