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I carry a bag on my shoulder and walk from the parking garage to the street to think about you under this lightbulb that isn't on

I have been walking around and driving around.  It is weird weather up here.  I sit an home and think with no electronics on.  I plan.  I am working on many books right now.  I have four days to complete I am a Little Bit Happier Than Tao Lin and one day to post it all.  There is a mass of snow falling off the roof onto the pile next to the house.  It shakes the house.  I shake someone's hand inside the house.  It is warm here.  I didn't get drunk yesterday.  I rarely do.  I don't even really think about it that often.  When I do I get a pain in my stomach, sometimes.  I have a sensitive stomach and sensitive teeth.  

America is home of car henge.  It is also home of Mt. Rushmore.  Mall of America is in America.  

At my friend's house, there are piles of clothes.  There is a box with XBOX360 games and a projector in it.  There is a bed here and a tv, and a computer.  The heat is on here, the thermostat says 56.  

TAO LIN!  Expand your images spatially!  You have a more expansive mind than you show me.  

Tao Lin walks through the city and thinks about things in depth.  He is a very smart person in public and private.  His books are good, there aren't many people that have books out that write as well as he can.  I think there are alot of people that write as powerfully as he does.   I am not as distant as Tao Lin.  I feel emotions like he does.  I think we are pretty similar, as far as form goes.  He thinks he is better than other people, and I don't do that anymore.  I used to.  I believe in revolting against him because he is in a good position to help expand the writing community, but his social stresses get in the way.  There are possibilities for a marketable poetry community.  The poetry being written now is powerful, there are powerful writers that connect with people that live daily lives.  This connection is marketable to people outside of the poetry niche.  I hate the poetry niche because I don't like much poetry.  Most poetry just looks like the possibility of poetry to me.  

Don't forget, I got the belt.  That means everything in this business.  Tao Lin thinks he can take the belt.  He thinks he deserves the belt for being the greatest.  But I got a message for you, Tao Lin:  postcinema is the greatest.  Tao Lin, I am the prettiest writer alive.  You can see me walking around on the earth from outerspace.  You got no chance.  I am going to get you groggy, wandering around the squared circle.  I will climb the top rope.  When you are shaking your head and coming to I will jump from the top rope and grab the back of your head while I am in the air.  As I land on the mat I will pull your forehead into my knees and you will feel the force the Crumbler.  You will lay on the mat, not moving, as I pin you 1 - 2 - 3.  I'm gonna get there early and sit in every seat in the arena.  I want to know what the ring will look like from every angle as I destroy your egoface and retain the belt.  

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.