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slowly, window water

Video is a few seconds longer than audio, so it is best to start the video then start the audio seven seconds later.

on earth through nothing with ease #5 - Slowly, window water

Silent Skydive

Slowly, Window Water

I walk through the tall grass towards the supermarket
there are streetlights on and some car noise over there
I kneel in the grass and my hair moves in the wind
the grass moves in the wind
and the garbage near the curb moves in the wind on the parking lot
someone standing in a shopping cart throws a mug on to the concrete
I jump out of the grass and hit your shoulder with my shoulder and smile at you
you push me back into the grass I laugh I wave when I walk away
the milk coats the glass she drinks from I hear a radio from a car
a little runs down her collar and he hands her a napkin then
he looks at his cellphone in the low light of the restaurant
you skip with me on the concrete I sit on a curb and look in your eyes
what is it
what’s wrong?
they dance touching each other they move their hips in unison
and touch each other and worry the other is edging away
to somewhere else without them
they eventually dance alone and move between the dancing bodies
the balloon moves towards the clouds
the balloon gets so small
a child grabs a metal bat and walks on the dirt towards the umpire
while the catcher talks to the pitcher standing on the mound
this cat circles the house meowing loudly near the window
the cat stands on the mower and nuzzles against the window
I say ‘how was your night?’ to you on instant messenger
you don’t respond
a few hours later I send ‘hello’ and then a couple hours after that ‘okay,’ ‘goodnight’
the ringtone lets me know I have a text message
I see a message from an old friend
‘I really miss you a lot right now.’
I send ‘yea, I was always most comfortable with you’
there is the ringtone ‘sorry I meant that for Tiff’ I send ‘okay’ and go play a videogame
a train moves underground nearing the city
I step on the vehicle and invite you inside
there is a box under a staircase
the clouds move over the forest slowly
then crash against the mountains and hover above the lake
we go to different places on the earth and I don’t see you for a long time
I send an e-card with pictures of birds in trees
a submarine submerges and goes silent
water evaporates from the top of the ocean it starts to rain here
the water touches the inside of the bucket
a hand picks up the bucket
water touches the window
the empty bucket touches the ground
I sing to you from inside the sonar
a crowbar touches a forehead and
the forehead touches the grass

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.