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the worm shows off it's clothes to the creature with no body


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from On Earth Through Nothing With Ease

I was looking for you and I didn’t tell you
some machines are bled
some machines are blessed
some machines are distraction
a black bird with an iridescent head and yellow beak
flies between power lines between a tree and a stop sign
four small birds land on the asphalt and jump around
pecking the smallest parts of food left over
i step from one step to another
you are a door
here the rust is on the poles that hold the streetlights
and other places too
and rusty things get replaced
and we can relate to a lifespan
i realize there’s a lot out there these days
but it too deceivingly small and ridiculous
it is too violent and boring for a human mind to rely on
i know it is long days in the hot and lusty but
it is worth when it happens to remember in this
world of too much that this world is not enough this is pretty nice
don’t get me wrong we have come a long way but please
there are more rewarding relaxations in life
we are nothing special but we have the ability to understand and examine and leave artifacts on purpose in public
I don’t know so i try to find things one at a time and forget
just as fast sometimes but not always and sometimes it all comes back
forget it
here is a little hesitation in the question
how do you spell that again
I placed my hand on the shark then my hand touched the water as it sank
there is no proper way to live
there is no conspiracy
don’t worry
it’s all a hoax
and placed the book on the table and began to cry loudly
the water boils and it is not enough on it’s own
if you trust it there is still no definite outcome
the horse takes off over the hedges and makes a sound with it’s throat
the plastic cup sits on the table
we sit with it
empty along with it
how’s the new thing going I forgot what you called it the other day
I don’t need you like I used to I am glad you are far away right now
the individual garbages melt into one large lumpy thing
it’s easy to forget it
the walk down the hall is usually meaningless
but that doesn’t mean there is no hope
I take the useless and find a way to fear it
when the slowly slowly moving is not enough distraction
to survive on a pair of shoes on feet walking in a circle
he leans off the edge of the dock peeing on
a burning boat sinking into water
who do you call
who do you call when everyone is sleeping
I leave you a message of a couple sentences
my voice offers no urgency or desperation
I am sitting in the parking lot of McDonalds
farting and laughing to myself
as I eat fry after nugget
something someone has said to me
remains in my head and it is louder than everything
echoing and getting louder
I was four the first time it happened
the light was on and I was in bed trying to sleep
helicopters over the city covered in blinking bulbs
the pole between the car and the white truck
the fixtures in the diner covered in dust
and swaying in the gusts that come in when the door opens
come in come on in
I mean I refuse to hold your hand or lead you to the door
but I will grab a paper towel or something
if I can help
we gotta understand these things first hand
I hear about it and kind of forget it
and am never reminded of it
and that was a good story too
I remember the painfully empty everydays everyday
when I am alone it is embarrassing slightly
and I go to the same websites over and over
I still have love for you
and I hope it still means as much
in the digitally compressed file
a ship in the ocean with water going into the air around it
a ship in the ocean with water covering the deck and fish in the water
a ship nest to the fish slightly under the surface of the ocean
in a convenience store two people don’t have enough for condoms
one of them suggests the pullout method
and walks over to the cooler
opens it and grabs a water
a hand putting money on a counter
the pocket on the shirt of a clerk in the bag counting boxes
Bruce Willis is sitting in the fifth row of the quietly dark theatre
watching one of his daughters perform in a high school play
a naturally mummifies body lays on the ground in the jungle
thousands of miles from the city
watching a squirrel run around the tree then into a hole in the tree
reminds me a multi-dimensional universe
and I fly up until the planet looks flat
and perfectly round
I fly up until the galaxy looks flat
and surrounded by other flat galaxies that we can
go inside and find the details
of the planets and their landscapes
someone hands someone a nightclub flyer
continues walking
and offers flyer to the next person nearing
a jungle with natives standing in it
a native with a headdress of grass
standing in front of a camera
a mother flips through catalogs walking through the living
room and finds her son passed out on the floor
between the tv and the couch
the tear moves pretty
fast down the cheek
and thins slightly on the skin
then it is absorbed by the sleeve that wipes it away
we’ve gotten ourselves into a tough spot
one of the tires is up on the snow bank
one of tire spins just above the ground
the window is open
an arrow with a rope tied to it flies through the room into the wall
how did you find out
a body with a wound in a bed
a quivering hand pushes the tray off the table
and this distance
our distance
the damn distance only grows
a grappling hook catches on each one of our limbs
the ropes go taut and we are suspended in the air
but these ropes drop and we drop with them
I’ll meet you up there
I try not to eat fast food everyday
I dance with the lion
in the top of the tree
on the sidewalk of the city
come on let’s go
there’s a seat for you here
it is warm and near a pillow
the wind is here with us
slightly moving the fabrics draped on us
I love you I care about you
I am afraid you will turn on me at any moment
so I keep to myself for most of it
a feather in the helmet on the ground
make-up moving down a face in a tear
the hand smears the mark across the cheek
is loving and only trying to help
but we break together sometimes
this little fire is nice
but if you move closer it will spread
these are dynamic smoke signals finding you through time to say
it’s all okay no matter what no matter what it’s all okay
something dripping from a car into a puddle on the concrete
a bird calling repeatedly from a roof near a tree
light moving from that clock face to my face
light moving from that clock tower to you
there are no breakthroughs here
it remains
it feels like a breakthrough but it remains
and was here and hidden
we pass on and disintegrate
keeps us in bed and on the earth with diamonds
these words are my prism
I am spectral and usual
you are the furnace fire and the coal of our engine
a little human being inside a construction machine
planets and galaxies and universes die
where is that afterlife of heavenly bodies
rotating in peace without the explosions
one dense particle in the center of nothing
unimaginable nothing
and we will return to nothingness
and become unimaginable
and dissolve into the whole again
I am a life form with an ego in this world
and I cast it off into the ocean
and cast my heart in it to survive
swelling wave
field of wheat
crowd of hands swaying
wheels carrying the wagon on the gravel to somewhere else
this food sizzles on the metal pan in the burner
I have been born into a game with no teams

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.