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small update with no life span

I have recieved the submission from Tom Cruise. His people are nervous about using his stage name. Tom wanted to publish it under Tomas Mapother, but I shot that down pretty quick. I have started formatting his book and it should be up within the week.

In other news, there is a great little anti- tao lin and co. post here. I found it because I use blogsearch to find people to invite to submit to Bore Parade. Ex-intern Catherine Lacey knows what he means! Right now I am writing emails to Blake Butler, Ryan Radar, and Daniel Bailey. I like the style they have when they write. I like style and charisma.

I am going to go to the supermarket now, and get some things to make tacos with. I like tacos with beans and cheese and lettuce and shell and sauce. My cats like lettuce. Right now both my cats are on my desk because my window is open. It is pretty nice out, but I am still going to put on two hooded sweatshirts. My coat is in the car.

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.