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a short promo from the tao lin comments section on a guy named 'wells' that starts a storyline about the power of the growing internet lit.

Hahahahah! Well, well, wellz, welcome to my stretch limo. Here, I crush the ice cubes and think about people who do not know how to read closely. I think about you, wellz. I pour some dog blood in my glass, and I think about you as I drink it. Wellz, an idiot lost in a forest thinks all the trees look the same.

Hahahah! Wellz, you come here to say I comment in the way that tao lin writes! You come here to say Tao Lin is all of us. Well, I point out, over the internet. I rotate alone in my room and point out at all the writers of the internet. I return from that to tell you, wells, all these things are true.

Look around you, you are surrounded by all the ciceromaniacs, the uprisings, the linears, the alone-malone, the eyeless spider. You are surrounded by the writers of bear parade, the germanites, the writers of ashland-oregon, the 'killen'ers from overseas, lacey's viking ship. You are surrounded by those from no colony, those of muncie-indiana, the gorrellaholics and more are nearing, wellz! All of us exist. We are spread out, and diverse. All of our styles exist. We are really out there.

Now, get out of my limo, here's two dollars, go get some soft serve, and think about us.

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.