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The Jaguar Uprising missed Tao Lin's reading ++updated++

Me, The Golden Bear, TTB, and Daryl were in CT on our way to NY. The engine light came on and the brake lights came on. Then the car lost power on the side of the road in CT. We waited for four hours for the tow truck to get to us. 

We took some pictures while we waited. Those are below and next to.  We got home at around midnight after a long trip to somewhere we didn't want to go. I think Tao Lin did something to my car with his sneaky magic. The car is in the shop now. 

When we got back we returned to a party in The Golden Bear's house. There was a keg of 
beer, and some cans. People were playing beer pong there. We went upstairs and drank a little, quietly and tired. Then, we went downstairs and took over the party. The Golden Bear gave TTB a stone-cold stunner through one of the beer pong tables. Then TTB gave a flying elbow to Sam 'the man shotgun' Breslaw. The man didn't take kindly to this. The man rock bottomed TTB through the other beer pong table. Then everyone left and we finished the beers in the Golden Bear's living room.

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.