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two days ago the day was 72 hours long, I slept through most of it, luckily

First, here are three short poems:

we sit together on the porch

take this
if you’re thirsty
I think we have some crackers somewhere

we are small animals with short life spans

all of us is casual experience for our universe
our miracles are the size of bodies on planets with vast jungles
we are a dying part of something special that goes on without us
this sandwich is delicious
there are grey plants in the valley
near an upside down car
someone bleeding eats a big mac

while I imagine playing video games

I am making tacos with hot sauce
by the window
looking out of the window
to where it is raining on the street


Tomorrow, everybody go to New York CITY.

I have been reading poems by Susan Scarlata. Right now, she is the editor of Lost Roads Publishers, the press Frank Stanford started in 1976. Read her poems, this is a good one, here, here at coconut eleven.

I read this news article about chris benoit.

Hillary Clinton thinks she is 'just right'. As much as I love wrestling, I lost respect for all of the candidates when they gave speeches on Monday Night Raw. They should have cut promos on each other.

The grey person returns home to find the kitten has turned into a catperson.